Santiago de Chile, Startup Chile

Viva Startup Chile!

In May 2013 our company Reverbeo was successfully accepted to the prestigious Global Accelerator Startup Chile from over 1600 other applicants from all over the world. It’s a huge decision to open an branch in another country and one we didn’t take lightly.

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Applying to the NDRC Launchpad Accelerator

Reverbeo was a graduate of the 7th Launchpad programme which kicked off September 2012. To date there have been 8 Launchpad programmes and the NDRC has been crowned the 6th best accelerator in Europe, a pretty impressive bragging point considering the competition. The following is a quick introduction to Launchpad with some insider advice on how to apply.

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How I finally learned to wake up early after 30 years of slow starts

Failure to Launch

I was convinced for years that you were either genetically an early riser or not. I guess that was a convenient way of justifying rolling over in bed and hitting the snooze button for the 4th 9min period that morning. I’d read so much about the benefits of rising early but until this year all attempts I’ve made never lasted more than a few days.

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Guide to the Seed Capital and Employer Investment Scheme

If you are an early stage company or startup with some capital to invest either from one of the founders or through a potential angel it’s well worth taking advantage of the Seed Capital (SCS) and Employment & Invest Schemes (EII used to be called the BES).

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